frequently asked questions

Where is Crossroads located? Click here for a map

How long does the worship service last? The worship service usually lasts for one hour and thirty minutes. 

What should I wear? The atmosphere at Crossroads is casual. Dresses, suits, and ties are not required. However, more formal attire is definitely welcome. So are blue jeans and shorts. You are welcome to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. 


What is the teaching like at Crossroads? The teaching at Crossroads is Bible-based. The truths of the Bible are applied to people's lives in practical, relevant ways. Click here to listen to the latest teaching. 

What is the worship music like at Crossroads? The music at Crossroads is modern and progressive. The band usually consists of guitars, drums, and keyboards. Occassionally, older hymns of the church are reworked into new formats. 

How often does Crossroads celebrate Communion? Crossroads celebrates Communion approximately once a month. This is a special time when we remember the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

What does crossroads offer for children?

Crossroads offers three separate children learning environments on Sunday mornings during the adult worship celebration. We provide:

1) The Village Nursery for children ages birth through 3. The nursery environment at Crossroads is friendly, clean, and adequately staffed with volunteers who have all undergone a thorough background check.

2) The Village Pre-School/Kindergarten ministry for children ages 3 to 5. This environment provides children a wonderful opportunity to explore a relationship with Jesus Christ in a fun, age-appropriate manner.

3) CrossTown Kids ministry for Elementary (1st through 5th grade) children. The CrossTown Kids environment utilizes a creative, "hands-on" approach to learning which helps the children fully engage in the important truths of the Bible. The children are also exposed to meaningful worship through music and drama. 

All of our adults that interact with children have undergone a thorough background check. When you bring your child to church, they will be checked in and you will receive a security number that matches the number given to your child.